Performance Testing

Are you aiming to deliver a robust product with 100% availability and impeccable performance?

The ultimate objective of any software, be it a desktop, mobile, or web application, is to achieve optimal performance in all scenarios. At Teambees, we specialize in providing load testing services specifically designed to evaluate software performance under normal and anticipated peak loads. Our goal is to identify the application’s optimal operating capacity and pinpoint any factors that may contribute to performance degradation.

We Do

We address the following common performance testing challenges:                                                       

  • Bottlenecking: We verify whether your application can effectively handle the workload without any disruptions in data flow.
  • Software Configuration Issues: We identify and rectify settings that may be misconfigured, impacting the software’s ability to handle         workload efficiently.
  • Hardware Resources: We analyze and address performance issues related to low-performing CPUs or memory constraints.
  • Poor Scalability: We assess if your software can handle the desired number of concurrent tasks, ensuring accurate and timely results.
  • Slow Speed: We address any issues related to sluggish application performance.
  • Version Performance Comparison: We compare the performance of different software versions to determine if there are improvements or degradations in performance.